Where fabrics meet clothes.  

ATIR BARCELONA gives name to a project full of dedication and committed heart and soul with its environment. To get to know ATIR and who we are, you should first know where we come from; we are a textile design studio located in Barcelona with a multidisciplinary team made up of textile designers and engineers.

The fabrics are the ATIR base. Design and developing our own fabrics is our differential and brand know-how. We design to build a good wardrobe with updated basics, using high-quality sustainable fabrics.

Each ATIR garment is produced by locally handmade in Barcelona, in our in-house workshop just at 500 meters from our offices, thus avoiding transport and generating more sustainable trade.

All collections are part of a supply chain that respects both the environment, suppliers and workers. We believe in the essence of small local businesses. We support all of our neighbors by sourcing every trim, button, and box locally.

As part of the responsibility we have towards the environment, we work with certified partners such as GRS (Global Recycled Standard) and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), to ensure that the impact of production is reduced and to guarantee that all fabrics have been processed correctly. sustainable way.

We are a brand committed to the environment, for each purchase, we plant a tree hand in hand with the ONG One Tree Planted to give back to the environment.


You are the reason why we create fabrics

Our studio was set-up to provide a new way of developing textiles, creating fabrics from the most carefully selected materials, applied in creative forms, and producing them using the most advanced technology, whilst always demonstrating our commitment and respect towards our environment.

Following these principles has led to our company establishing itself as a key fabric supplier to some the main multinational retail groups in the world.

ATIR BCN was founded in April 2022 under a new paradigm and was created with a very clear premise: to unite our textile know-how with the dream of creating our own product.