Textilpedia. Find our fabrics

Textilpedia. Find our fabrics

Our fabrics are carefully selected and are responsible for their production,
producing a smaller footprint in social and environmental impact.

It is a fiber similar to cotton that is produced through environmentally responsible processes from wood as a natural raw material of sustainable origin.It is a fabric similar to cotton and its drape allows the garment not to wrinkle or shrink.

The cultivation of organic cotton is carried out from natural practices such as its own rotation or with animal manures. Its collection is done manually to take care of the biodiversity of its environment, using native insects as a 100% biological method for pest control.

Linen is the oldest textile fiber of mankind. Coming from the flax plant, this fabric is organically grown and is considered a high-quality, natural and sustainable fiber. It adapts well to the climate and remains dry to the touch because it only absorbs 20% moisture.


Wool has many benefits such as thermal regulation, thanks to the air contained between the wool fibers. It is waterproof and fire retardant, as well as being a biodegradable fabric and a renewable resource.


ECOVERO ™ (Recycled Viscose)
It is a sustainable viscose with a lower environmental impact based on three pillars: use of certified and controlled sustainable sources of wood, ecological production processes and transparency in the supply chain.